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Available for Portraits, Model Portfolios, Events, Parties, Weddings, Comercial and more.

I am on the Orlando Magic website as a reconmended photographer for Headshots and Full body shots required for the Orlando Magic Dancer's auidition. Please call/text me at 407-748-2654 to find out about the special I am running for the upcoming Orlando Magic Dancer Audition.

Contact me for a quote on all other photography. I have various photography packages available to meet most anyone's budget. Please give me a call at 407-748-2654 for a personal quote. Or you can email me at If you email me, I will need exactly what you are looking for in order to give you a quote.


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Universal Studios, Orlando FL

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Real Radio 104.1 Monsters Dance Squad

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Fusion Show, Sea World, Orlando FL

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Busch Gardens, Tampa FL

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Nina Diva, Energetic, Fun and Stylish Entertainer

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Arabian Nights

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Ringling Brothers Circus, Orlando FL

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